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Alhambra del Mar

Marbella`s Golden Mile Paradise

Alhambra del Mar Marbella`s Golden Mile Paradise
Alhambra del Mar luxury appartments

The luxury appartments Alhambra del Mar are located directly on Marbella`s Golden Mile, extending from the luxry hotel Melia Don Pepe to Puerto Banus. The complex includes man-made lakes, swimming pools and vast open spaces.

This much sought-after area has become the home of many VIP. You could here come face to face with royals and all kinds of famous, as well as with a wide representation from the world's high- and money-aristocracy.

Numerous sports can be practised throughout the year. The Sierra Nevada Ski slopes, at an altitude of 3400 metres, are just two hours amd a half's drive from Marbella. There is a great variety of golf courses, tennis courts, riding stables and marinas.

330 Days Sunshine Every Year

Alhambra del Mar. 330 Days Sunshine Every Year
Alhambra del Mar best climate of Europe

It is an acknowledged fact that Marbella enjoys the best climate on the continent of Europe. People of all nationalities are attracted by almost 330 days of uninterrupted sunshine every year. the mild climate, coupled with vigorous vegetation,n of the winter month, with approximate temperaturs rising to about 36 degrees Celsius in sheltered places, equivalent to 17 - 20 degrees ambient temperatures and the gentle summer temperatures which, due to a continuous mild breeze, give a tempreture of 23 - 27 degrees Celsius in the shade, attract more and more people from all over the world to make their home here.

Gibraltar and the coast of North Africa are clearly visible from the coast. The Art Centres of Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Ronda are all within easy travelling distance. Golfers could permit themselves to try their luck on the green throughout the day and at the casino at night. Gourmets will find it difficult to select a restaurant among the range of international cuisine available to their judicious choice. While those who like to visit pubs and discos could very easily transform night into day. From the comfort of the numerous Beach Clubs one can enjoy the beauty and sporty elegance of the ladies as well as enjoying a cold drink and watch the colourful world go by and have a good time.

An Architecture Which Blends In With Man And His Environment

Alhambra del Mar. An Architecture Which Blends In With Man And His Environment
Alhambra del Mar Melvin Villaroel Roldan

Melvin Villaroel Roldan is an international acclaimed architect, who specializes in the harmonious blending of architecture and enviroment. His love for nature has materialized in the first project on the Golden Mile by way of the Aparthotel Puente Romano. Here in order to save age-old eucalytus trees, he chose to construct around them, rather than mutilate them. With slight he intends treating the veherable pine trees of Alhambra del Mar. This system ensures the preservation of the environment.

Thanks to the seven wells presently existing on the site, the water supply both for consumotion and irrigation will be guaranteed. Those who have seen a Villaroel planned park will easily confirm the paramount importance he gives the element of water. While planning Alhambra del Mar, he availed himself of every opportunity in this area. No other development along the Golden Mile is in fact, so lavishly endowed with lajes, pools, springs, fountains and cascades.

Melvin Villaroel has made provision for the balustrades of the large plazas to be able to act as plant pots for vigorous vegetation such as yuccas, thus forming a natural garden. His eye for detail has also seen to the car park areas, which are paved with natural stone and surrounded with trees which could provide shade for cars. Melvin Villaroel's comment is: "In Alhambra del Mar I have for the first time in my career found basic ideal conditions regarding site, position, vegetation and water, which enable me to implement fully my theories regarding the harmony of man and his environment."

Marbella's Green Residential Park

Alhambra del Mar. Marbella's Green Residential Park
Alhambra del Mar dreamlike park

Only 20% of the area will be built up. The remaining 80% will be devoted to the reartion of a dreamlike park. Majestic Palm Trees, Mediterranian Pines and the centenarian Olive Trees will vie to catch the beholders eyes with the splendid flora native of the Tropics and of Andalusia.

Artifacial lakes, rivulets, full sized swimming pools, tinkling fountains, intimate patios, wooden bridges and tranquilmpaths will guide you into the heart of this lost paradise. Traffic will be prohibited from the internal perimeters of the park. Parking is underground or behind your residences, but certainly proscribed from this terrestrial paradise.

The Quality Of Life And Comfort

Alhambra del Mar. The Quality Of Life And Comfort
Alhambra del Mar breathtaking views

The first phase consists of the erection of the Beach Club, with a breathtaking view of Gibraltar and the cost of North Africa, together witha complex of 28 luxury penthouses (duplex) with their own swimming pool, 42 two- and 24 one-bedroomed apartments. Every unit has white marble paving, including the balconies. The bathrooms are fully tiled with white marble and equiped with a full size bath and built -in air freshners. The kitchen is completely fitted and has dish-washing machine and automatic washing machine and is adequately tiled with special selected "azulejos".

The warm-water system, aircondition and central heating systems are independently operated for each unit. There is a common TV- and radio antenna, telephone and a security alarm directly connected to our security system.

Sufficient parking spaces for cars are available both underground and above ground. Our reception office will deal with telex, rentals and cleaning service.

Surpreme High Quality Construction

Alhambra del Mar. Surpreme High Quality Construction
Alhambra del Mar quality of construction

The quality of construction begins with the structure which will have to conform to German specifications regarding soundproofing. This will include double internal insulating walls, double layers walls,concrete filling etc so as to obtain a maximum reduction of noise pollution.In order to obtain this high level of sound proofing, muffling systems will be installed on all plumbing.

Furthermore, one has to bear in mind that access to each unit is obtained through a unique entrance, so that your unit would be self-contained although houses within a mutual building. Our resident German technical director architect Ralph Weinrich will personally supervise the work enduring that these details are strictly adhered to and implented, both in the selection of materials and in the eventual construction.

Alhambra del Mar - A Paradise Of Nature

Alhambra del Mar - A Paradise Of Nature
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